I wanted to create a site that would primarily ask logical questions. I believe there are many great websites and blogs that are already focused on getting out the latest information and details of “terrorist events” and false flag operations.

My goal is to research events like the Sandy Hook incident and the Boston Bombings to give a full, complete spectrum of the event and what it means for the American people. I also wish to give references and citations for the work (at least linking to other news and videos) to help show my case. I believe in showing photographic and video evidences are very key in disproving the “official” narratives presented to the American people through the media from the government and other governing authorities. But I also wish to show mainstream news articles and the discrepancies within them.

Because of the lack of truth and seemingly increase of falsehood and misinformation presented to the public by news and government officials, we have come to a point in time to be separated like wheat from the chaff. A website like this one, can still be used as a tool and instrument for helping others, like our friends, family, coworkers, etc. to the truth about progressing evils in the world.

Use the free Internet while we still have it under the 1st Amendment and our rights to the freedom of speech, of religion, of press and of protest.


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