The Boston Bombings

Second explosion seen at the Boston Marathon on April 14, 2013. Explosion looks as if it is coming from inside storefront out towards street.

Second explosion seen at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Explosion looks as if it is coming from inside storefront out towards street.

On April 15, 2013, two small explosions were set off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. The day was Tax Day and also Patriots Day.

On April 18, the FBI stated they had surveillance video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev placing his bag with the pressure cooker bomb on the street. Yet we see no evidence of this. We were told in the same press conference that the Tsarnaev brothers were hanging out together and speaking with each other the day of the bombings on the Boston streets. We still see no evidence of this.

In the video shown to the public of the Tsarnaev brothers walking on the sidewalk, we see three people with blurred faces, however, all other faces of people are not blurred. Why did the FBI blur out certain faces and not others? Looking at the surveillance video, in the first half, we see a man put what looked like an earpiece into his ear and cover his month as if he was speaking to other agents or operatives in a covert operation.

Then, at another glance at the same video, we see a woman holding three bright yellow balloons. Where these balloons used as a marker for agents and operatives to know where the two brothers were on the street? These balloons would also be a perfect way for the brothers to be found in the thousands of videos and pictures I’m sure the FBI called for in a public announcement.

Furthermore, if the brothers did place the bombs, why would they be near the blast zone and found fleeing close-by? How did the brothers detonate the bombs? Why has not the FBI come forth with information showing receipts and purchases of the bombing making materials?

With no evidence of the Tsarnaev brothers placing the bombs, how can we really believe the U.S. government as telling the truth?

For what we know, these two young men were patsies. True, they probably were Islamic and had some radicalized “mentors” that we do not know about (Today News). Or maybe their real mentors were FBI agents?

The Chase on April 19:

By synchronizing the facts of the events that unfolded on April 19, we can see that the Boston law enforcement and FBI were not forthcoming with what actually happened in Watertown, MA. Allegedly, the Tsarnaev brothers were in the process of fleeing Boston and shot and killed a MIT police officer out of anxiety, thinking that the MIT officer was on the phone and calling in that he had found the two brothers (this shooting was not first linked to the brothers). Then they were found in Waterton, MA robbing a 7-Eleven mart for money because the FBI said that their handlers had not given them any money. It has come forth that 7-Eleven does not have surveillance video of the robbery. Yeah, when does a quickie mart not have surveillance video of a robbery?

Next, the police found the brothers in a chase in a Watertown residential area where there was a large amount of gunfire and the brothers continued to drop pressure cooker bombs from a stolen vehicle. Watertown police chief Edward Deveau came out to say that as Tsarnaev was being handcuffed on the ground, the younger brother drove over the older brother to flee the scene (another lie from the police). Somehow the younger brother is able to evade police and hide himself in a boat in the backyard of a homeowner. As the story goes, the homeowner found blood on the boat and went to investigate and looked inside and saw Dzhokhar. The homeowner did not say anything to Dzhokhar and ran to call police. Do you still believe this story?

Then, once police and SWAT arrive on scene, they drive a SWAT armored carrier up to the boat and police fire tens of rounds into the boat. Dzhokhar only survives by hiding low behind the engine compartment. Over the loud speaker the police call for Dzhokhar to turn himself in and at this moment Dzhokhar shoots himself in the mouth but he should have died. But the bullet missed the mouth and went out the side of the throat. Then, bleeding from the throat for 20 hours (which he should have bled to death), Dzhokhar under his own power, lifts himself up and out of the boat to turn himself in. The authorities have convinced the media that Dzhokhar cannot speak and may never be able to speak again because of the throat injury, how convenient!

I can tell you that most of this story is false. It obvious and follows almost like a movie script pattern like the Sandy Hook incident. A week after this incident, law enforcement admitted that Dzhokhar was unarmed in the 20 hour chase, including unarmed in the boat (The Washington Post). The police had no right to continue to shoot an unarmed victim no matter what heinous crime he may have committed. Every U.S. citizen has the right to the 4th , 5th and 6th Amendments.

Dzhokhar never ran over his brother as a police officer was handcuffing Tamerlan. That is absurd. What police officer would try to handcuff a suspect on the ground when a second suspect is still in control of a vehicle? Witnesses have come forth to challenge this narrative and saw a law enforcement SUV run over Tsarnaev and then police shot him while he lay on the ground.

The authorities have never clarified who the driver of the vehicle was. His role still does not make sense. He drove his own vehicle that the brothers stole yet the brothers did not kill him. They had no problem setting a few bombs at a marathon to kill 3 people and injure over 170 people yet did not have the hatred to kill one man?

Allegedly Dzhokhar Tsarnaev drove his Mercedes SUV towards two police vehicles and sped between them on April 18, 2013.

Allegedly Dzhokhar Tsarnaev drove his Mercedes SUV towards two police vehicles and sped between them on April 18, 2013.

So if the brothers stole the Mercedes SUV at a 7-Eleven, who’s green Jaguar sedan is it in the street as seen in the pictures during the shootout in the street? The younger brother clearly drove the Mercedes SUV towards the police vehicles in the photos. Where was the driver of the stolen vehicle at this time? Did the driver remain in the vehicle during the gunfight in the street?

The green Jaguar is directly in front of the Mercedes SUV. The car had been driven, lights on and the doors opened. Should we assume that the night chase included two vehicles and more than two suspects? Only the engines of the vehicles provide cover, maximum concealment from the bullets.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev seen firing a handgun as he and his younger brother find cover behind a Mercedes SUV in Watertown on April 18, 2013.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev seen firing a handgun as he and his younger brother find cover behind a Mercedes SUV in Watertown on April 18, 2013.

As shown in witness Andrew Kitzenberg’s images from, Dzhokhar (or someone) drove the SUV down the street and between the cop cars. But at which point did he run over his brother? The witness never confirms the police report that Dzhokhar drove over his brother.

And how did Tamerlan walk towards police and why did he do so? Was it really Tamerlan in the middle of the street as the witness recounts?

Kitzenberg affirms the story that the brothers had another pressure cooker. Was it filled with gunpowder or was it a firework? There doesn’t seem to be any damage from this bomb if it was a bomb. How could any of the brothers get close to set off the explosive? It exploded in the middle of the street. What was its purpose? They would be able together close enough to police to properly detonate it.

During the night firefight, was Dzhokhar and Tamerlan calling out that they did not do it?

I believe these brothers were given a weapon or two and some type of explosives before the Boston bombings so if they would be the patsies and blamed for the weaponry, the FBI would have their evidence and excuse for taking down the brothers. The two patsies kept these weapons as self-defense and used them for the chase in trying to flee from the police.

A day after the April 19 chase in Watertown. Dzhokhar's blood found only on the outside of the boat, not the inside. Police now admit Dzhokhar was unarmed and did not shoot himself, admitting that police had shot Dzhokhar in trying to kill him.

A day after the April 19 chase in Watertown. Dzhokhar’s blood found only on the outside of the boat, not the inside. Police now admit Dzhokhar was unarmed and did not shoot himself, admitting that police had shot Dzhokhar in trying to kill him.

Second, there are aerial video and photographic evidence showing that Dzhokhar was able to come out of the boat under his own power with no blood or injury to his self. Nor was he carrying a weapon in his possession. Photos in the daylight have shown that there is no blood inside the boat but on the exterior railings of the boat, the side where the police were located. This looks like the police shot at Dzhokhar as he was walking from the boat, this is why there is blood splatter (real splatter and not drips of blood) on the exterior of the boat with the bullet holes in the side of the boat.

A thermal video from the helicopter may also prove this as well. As Dzhokhar was walking from the boat, you can see that his head goes back. If he was shot in the throat at this time, this would confirm he was shot by police when turning himself in and not a self-inflicted wound, which would prove true as Dzhokhar was UNARMED during the entire 20 hour chase. Initially, police tried to state that Dzhokhar put a gun to his mouth and tried to suicide (Daily Mail). This proves that police were lying about the real facts of the chase.

Just as Tamerlan was murdered by police, they tried to murder and silence Dzhokhar like they did to Christopher Dorner.

Over the whole ordeal, over 200 rounds of ammunition were spent by police. We have yet to see proof from a police dash cam that Dzhokhar really ran over his older brother.

The nude male arrested by police in Watertown is not Tamerlan though he has the same muscular built and hairline that is similar to Tamerlan’s. However, one obvious point that is missed is that Tamerlan was about 6’2” at about 200 pounds and had a hairy chest. The nude man arrested does not look to be 6’3” in comparison to the height of the police vehicle and other police officers, nor did he have a hairy chest (Muslim men do not shave the chest hair). The nude man looks to be about 5’10”. Others want to know why police did not disclose this man identity? Well, because it would shoot his reputation in the foot and would be quite embarrassing. CNN local newscast video immediately after the arrest and custody of the nude man.

Dzhokhar arrested after being shot in the throat by police on April 19, 2013.

Dzhokhar arrested after being shot in the throat by police on April 19, 2013.

Really, it sounds like the FBI having been planning to set up these two brothers for a few years now. They did not have a backup plan. Everyone knows you do not return to your normal life without a plan to flee if you just committed a bombing on a very iconic American and international event with tens of thousands of spectators and runners.

Yet there was no plan by the brothers to escape Boston or the surrounding region by any means. Dzhokhar continued to attend classes at MIT and go to the gym to exercise with a friend and even attend a party on Wednesday night. The brothers were even planning on partying Friday night. Their vehicle was even in the auto shop after the bombing and the mechanic states that Dzhokhar seemed to be on drugs (one thing to spot is that the mechanic is covering his eyes with sunglasses, a trademark of a liar).

Surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had time to tweet on the run

If you just committed a major felony and had planned it, would you have your car in the shop and no plan to escape? Besides, would you remain in the area of bombs you have just planted and detonated? No, because you would kill yourself!

Tamerlan photographed after he is brutally tortured to death after he is captured in Watertown on April 18, 2013.

Tamerlan photographed after he is brutally tortured to death after he is captured in Watertown on April 18, 2013.

Tamerlan was tortured and killed:

The photograph of Tamerlan shows him on a table, not a hospital table though. Which hospital puts wounded and injured on a table with a wooden bar for the neck to rest on? The room could be part of a safe house. The wood bar is used in torture to force a subject down on the wood to cause intense head and spinal cord pain. A possible cervical collar is laying to either side of the neck and almost matches the same width of blood around his neck. Tamerlan looks brutally tortured before death. It seems his heart rate still monitored by monitors and an IV which is not unusual in torture. However there is the antiseptic? Police have stated that the photograph is 100% authentic (TMZ).


Both Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were just two patsies that were blamed for the Boston explosions. were able to accumulate a number of images that show several possible suspects with the descriptions the FBI provided for males with a large black backpack and white cap. Anyone one of these men could have been blamed for the attacks.

Once Infowars posted their article concerning the number of different possible suspects from witness photographs, CNN and other news agencies had to retract their story on April 17 that the FBI had in custody the suspect of the attacks.

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan photographed leaving the blast site at the Boston Marathon on April 14, 2013.

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan photographed leaving the blast site at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

Brothers unjustly targeted by FBI and CIA, tracked for 5 years:

In photo showing bother brothers leaving the blast site, the FBI states that it is evidence Dzhokhar committed the attack because he is not wearing is backpack. First, that is not evidence. That is suspicion. Tamerlan can be found 50 feet behind Dzhokhar with his hand on his shoulder as if he is still holding onto his backpack strap as he is running.

Second, the image is very possibly Photoshopped in order to cover the backpack on Dzhokhar’s back. There is a box of white pixels that interrupt the contour of the brick wall and into Dzhokhar’s back.

Backpack on Dzhokhar is Photoshopped out, which is clearly seen by the white box against the brick wall.

Backpack on Dzhokhar is Photoshopped out, which is clearly seen by the white box against the brick wall.

Look at the surveillance video the FBI provided the public to view as proof that the two brothers committed the crime, there are several anomalies in the video.

In the first half of the video, there is a man standing in the doorway of a store. Once the two brothers past the man, he inserts an earpiece into his ear and covers his mouth as if he is speaking to other FBI agents. The FBI made the mistake in not blurring this man in the first half of the video but does so in the second.

There are only two people blurred in the video even though there are a good number of other people that could have been blurred. The other blurred individual is a woman wearing a blue jacket and holding three bright yellow balloons. What is significant about this is that these bright yellow balloons could have easily been used as a marker for rooftop operatives to spot and in videos and photographs, these brothers could be later tracked and quickly blamed.

The video shows that the brothers had a dark gray backpack and a white-gray backpack, not two black nylon backpacks that were purported by the FBI and special agent Richard DesLauriers. Even after the explosions, we can see that at least one backpack was black, not gray nor white. Dzhokhar’s backpack did not even seem that heavy (like the weight of a pressure cooker) as it is slung on his right shoulder.

Second, the FBI stated on April 18 that they had video of the brothers placing the backpacks on the ground. Yet, they have not shown this evidence yet to the public. In their press conference, they also coaxed the media and public to only look at these two brothers as suspects and NO ONE ELSE and to receive help from their family members and friends to HELP IDENTIFY THEM.

FBI special agent Richard DesLauriers said only look at certain photos with the two men during a press conference in hope to steer public attention away from other possible suspects (1:20 mark). DesLauriers and the FBI were playing a psy-op game with the American people to send in as many video and pictures as possible but then to say only look for these two suspects now in the images. But what if there were more than two suspects? And of course, the FBI already knew who these two brothers were.

Why did the FBI need the public’s help to identify them when the FBI had been tracking them for the past 5 years? The FBI already knew who they were as the FBI formally interviewed Tamerlan in 2011 (The Telegraph and CBS News).

The FBI had denied these accusations but soon enough they had to admit they were true. What else has the FBI lied about concerning the Tsarnaev’s?

Russia had contacted the U.S. State Department, CIA and FBI several times in regards to Tamerlan’s connection to terrorist groups and on their terrorist watch list (Boston Globe). Russia’s intelligence agency (FSB) feared that Tamerlan was an Islamist militant that would carry out an attack on Russian soil. Russia pushed the CIA to add Tamerlan to the terror watch lists in the fall of 2011 (Washington Post). Tamerlan visited Russia during a seven month long trip seeking counsel from several radical Muslim groups on a U.S. State Department/CIA-sponsored trip. The CIA declined to comment on this story. Russia not only warned the U.S. State Department but told the U.S. they did not want Tamerlan in the region. Tamerlan’s name was listed in the U.S. government’s classified database with lists of terrorists (TIDE) three months before Tamerlan traveled to Russia on January 12, 2012 (Reuters). DHS secretary Janet Napolitano tried to excuse her agency for stating they flagged his departure, but not his return to the United States. The question is: what was the CIA’s role in Tamerlan’s travels to Russia?

The Tsarnaev brothers’ uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, was married to former top CIA official, Graham Fuller (MadCow Morning News). Ruslan was also a Halliburton contractor and aided terrorists from Fuller’s residence (MadCow Morning News). This is also the same uncle who was the only family member who derided and condemned the brothers as the suspects of the bombings (CNN).

The FBI Needs to Explain Why It Failed to Monitor Boston Bombing Suspect Despite a Clear Warning (Business Insider)

The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap (DEBKAfile).

Saudi Arabia even warned the U.S. government in writing about Tamerlan (Washington Times) but the Saudi Arabian ambassador now denies it (Daily Mail)

Tsarnaevs’ mother and father believe the brothers were set up by the FBI (RT)

First Lady Obama would rather visit Al-Harbi, known Saudi national and terrorist, than any of the Boston Marathon victims.

First Lady Obama would rather visit Al-Harbi, known Saudi national and terrorist, than any of the Boston Marathon victims.

The Saudi National:

Hours after the bombing in Boston, law enforcement and FBI detained a Saudi national under custodian arrest at a Boston hospital due to his injuries and was a “person of interest” to the FBI as having a strong connection to the bombings. The FBI was so interested in Saudi national Absul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi, a 20-year-old on a student visa, they searched his apartment and took out two bags of evidence and was under FBI protect at the hospital. But soon, the authorities announced that it was a mistake and he really was not connected to the bombings, and the Saudi would be deported back to Saudi Arabia (WND).

He was probably the handler of the two Tsarnaev brothers and part of a much larger CIA and Al-qaeda terrorist network than we are told. How do we know this?

Al-Harbi was on the terrorist watch list and was even on the no-fly list but he still had big connections. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal visited the 20-year-old student and President Obama even though the meeting was not on Obama’s schedule (The Global Dispatch). Al-Harbi also has connections to the Saudi royalty and had six members of his family also connected to terrorist groups (The Global Dispatch).

On Thursday, April 19, First Lady Michelle Obama secretly visited the Saudi national at his hospital room without initial public knowledge of the visit. Obama would rather visit this “person of interest”, first thought to be connected to the bombings by the mainstream media, rather than visit any of the victims of the terroristic bomb blasts. How strange!

This news was initially reported on a Saudi Arabian news site,, and the information finally seeped through into the American media. How particular that the Obama Administration did not want its own citizens to know of its connections with the Saudi national.

Al-Harbi was so connected to the White House, he has even made several trips there for several hours at a time. This reminds me of the similar situation of Anwar al-Awlakithe U.S. citizen who had terrorist connections and later bombed in an Obama drone strike, had visited the White House on several occasions.

DHS director Janet Napolitano said al-Harbi was not placed on the terror watch list until after he was detained by the FBI. But if this is true, how is the Saudi national not labeled a “terrorist” and tried as a terrorist but the American government is saying he is innocent as a terrorist and is being deported under section 212, 3B for his involvement in the Boston bombing? Is the Saudi government that powerful and well-connected to the American federal government that we would freely let go a terrorist on the terrorist watch list and deport him back to his home country?

Al-Harbi has visited the White House on several occasions.

Al-Harbi has visited the White House on several occasions.

Al-Harbi was probably the FBI/CIA handler, or one of the handlers of the Tsarnaev brothers, teaching them in building explosions and probably training them for a future terrorist event. Since the FBI was not able to blame the NRA/right-wing extremist plot on the Boston attacks, they had to shift to Plan B and continue to blame Muslim fundamentalists.

Liberal and Mainstream Media Ready to blame Right-Wing Extremists:

In terrorist attacks, the media only gives themselves two avenues to blame: right wing extremists and al-Qaeda Muslims terrorists.

Immediately after the event, CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen was ready to place the blame on right-wing extremists even though there was no information in regards about who could have been involved in the attacks. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer speculated that it was an anti-tax group or tea party group that set the explosions.

Other news outlets like Fox 25 stated that it could be anti-government government groups and could be right-wing extremists because it was April 15, Patriots Day and also Tax Day but also that Oklahoma City bombing was in April. There is a connotation that Patriots Day is connected to freedom and independence from a tyrannical government (i.e., American revolution and independence from Great Britain) and many extreme conservatives do not agree that it is constitutional to pay taxes to government. The Obama Administration and Axelrod were prepared to blame the terrorist attack in relation to Tax Day.

On April 17, midday on Wednesday, Boston Local News 5 at stated that surveillance video from a Lord & Taylor department storefront has led to the possible identification of the Boston Marathon suspect. A law enforcement official stated that a suspect was in custody at this time and was expected in federal court, as the AP reported. CBS News also affirmed the report that the individual was a young, white male wearing a white baseball hat and gray hoodie and black jacket who quickly flees the blast site. CNN also went with the story but then later retracted it. However, the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office denied that anyone was in custody or was to be brought to court.

Many people believe that this individual in custody was the patsy for the NRA, right-wing extremist role to play the lone wolf narrative.

In all of this, why do people not blame left-wing extremists? To draw attention away from themselves. When the media is ready to blame those who support the Constitution, then we know it was a false flag attack on the American people. Those who are Constitutionalists truly want to help people, not murder them. You shall know them by their deeds.

Craft International and CTC operatives were spotted before and after the explosions at the Boston Marathon on April 14, 2013.

Craft International and CTC operatives were spotted before and after the explosions at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

Large Police Presence, CTC Operatives, Craft International Involvement for a DRILL:

There were 400 National Guardsmen, 2,000 policemen, bomb sniffing dogs, men on rooftops and surveillance cameras on every corner, yet they still could not find the bombs or prevent the explosions.

There is also the eeriness that CTC were possibly working alongside Craft International or other private contractor military. We know this as these men were wearing their signature Punisher logo apparel and ball caps. These men were photographed just yards from the bomb blast at the finish line before and after the explosions. The black backpacks holding the explosions looked exactly like the backpacks these Craft individuals were wearing in comparison to the backpacks Tsarnaev brothers had, which looked nothing like the bags used. The Craft backpacks even had a white square on the handle correlating to a white square on the torn bag. Tsarnaev brothers did not have a white square. Yet, the media made no mention of these spooks.

Neither of the Tsarnaev brothers' backpacks match the destroyed bomb bag. However, Craft's backpacks match the destroyed bag.

Neither of the Tsarnaev brothers’ backpacks match the destroyed bomb bag. However, Craft’s backpacks match the destroyed bag.

Is this Proof the Tsarnaev Brothers are Innocent? (NODISINFO)

Before the explosions occurred, witnesses recount the fact that it was announced over loudspeakers and the PA system that the presence of bomb sniffing dogs and law enforcement on the rooftops looking down on the streets near the finish line of the marathon were due to the fact that a drill or exercise was taking place.

University of Mobile’s Cross Country coach, Ali Stevenson, told Boston Local News 15 that marathon officials were “making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise.” Then he said, “Evidently, I don’t believe they were just having a training exercise….I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in.”

A commenter has stated that these quotes by Stevenson were deleted from the original article:

“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

“There was just smoke, another explosion went off,” Stevenson said. “We all started running. There were people crying.”

DELETED: “Stevenson said there was no question in his mind that this was an intentional act”.

Why was Stevenson never interviewed by mainstream media? Why not have media come forward to say it was normal to have this type of police presence at these events or say that law enforcement had prior knowledge of a bomb threat? But no such statement has appeared.

Someone had prior knowledge and someone did want the bomb sniffing dogs near the finish line and have bomb spotters on rooftops. Stevenson did state that marathon officials were saying it was just a training exercise taking place.

Stevenson said that he has run in other marathons before but had never seen “bomb dogs at the starting line of any running event” and that “they kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise” (

Now I am not advocating that law enforcement officers knew that explosions would take place. Though the FBI on scene would know and possibly even the CTC operatives/Craft International. The Boston PD probably only understood that there would be a drill or bomb squad training during the marathon. And this would ring plausible because in the past several Boston Marathon events, there have been bomb drills at each one. These Boston Marathon drills were called “dry runs”, or exercises to test new tactics and technology without the use of real explosives (Boston Globe).

The government and sects of government are highly compartmentalized. This is how an operation like 9/11 can take place with only a few people knowing what they doing and why and others who do their job because they are told to. It creates a great cover story for those who are compartmentalized and just doing their job to say, “Well, we were there right at the scene because we were doing a drill” or “We just happen to be nearby during a training exercise for a similar situation.” These law enforcement officers are simply doing their job and responding to the staged event not knowing that other sects of government have intentionally set a drill to go live.

More than two explosive devices in Boston:

The media, including Boston Globe’s Twitter feed, reported that a third device was exploded as a controlled explosion near the library at 600 Boylston St. about one hour after the initial two explosions at the Boston Marathon. At least, it could be the same location as the two other bombs because the Boston Public Library was directly across the street from the second bomb. But what does not make sense is that media reported a third explosion and fire at the JFK Library (Business Insider and Boston Herald). Authorities were quick to state that the JFK Library fire was due to a mechanical failure but not specific of what cause the fire.

Boston Globe's Twitter account from April 14, 2013.

Boston Globe’s Twitter account from April 15, 2013.

It is also very possible the bombs were not made of nails and ball bearings as we were told but only gunpowder. There was no damage to the debris of the pressure cooker that had signs of nail or shrapnel contact. It seems if the federal government had gone to blame the NRA, right-wing patsy, they could use new legislation to attack gunpowder and ammunition.

If gunpowder was used then its use was to injury and harm as few victims as possible (or none). Amputees are used in military training exercises.

Here is a great news story from CNN detailing the role of amputees in military drills:

When the bombs exploded, there was no damage to the blue canopy nor flags above the blasts and no damage to the fence.  Gunpowder is used in fireworks. Witnesses stated that it smelled like sulfur after the blasts. Glass from the windows was blown away from the storefronts and buildings, not inside them, meaning the explosions came from inside the store and not from the sidewalks. There were security in yellow jackets surrounding the area right before the bomb exploded, yet they are not injured nor hurt. Only a 78-year-old runner fell to the ground but none of the security nor were runners hurt. Meaning no shrapnel or nails were placed inside the pressure cookers.

News stated there were over 180 injured from the blasts. Another news source stated over 260 people were injured in the attacks. But there has not been one lawsuit filed against the City of Boston or Department of Homeland Security or the FBI for failure to prevent the attacks nor find the bombs in time although there was a massive police force with bomb sniffing dogs at the marathon. Is there any way we can see a list of names to prove this? A recent article stated that One Fund Boston accumulated over $28 million for the victims (The Washington Post). For sure, terrorist attacks are good for charity funds.

Double amputee in a wheelchair after the explosions at the Boston Marathon. Where is all of the blood from his dismemberment?

Double amputee in a wheelchair after the explosions at the Boston Marathon. Where is all of the blood from his dismemberment?

Amputee Actors for the Drill:

People two feet from the bombs would have been dismembered and killed immediately. If there were real bombs used, first responders would have needed to drive ambulances to the blast site.

Parents and actors pretended their child killed at Sandy Hook when it was a FEMA drill. Amputees have been used during military training exercises as seen in this CNN news report:

Was Compressed Air Used to Burst Clothes in the Boston Hoax? (NODISINFO)

Man throwing powder on victims? If the man was throwing towels he would not clap his hands together and then throw them. He would not throw towels, he would hand them over for someone to use a dressing for a wound. Victims are covered in dust when they are being rolled on a wheelchair but they are not covered in dust after the blast.

I encourage anyone interested in the Boston Bombings to read the frame by frame analysis and observation of Matt Bauman (possible amputee) from B’Man’s Revolt, Are You Just a Believer or Do You Think?.

In summary, Matt Bauman was a runner at the marathon near the finish line. He had his legs blown clear off from the femoral arteries. In the first minute, someone with this type of trauma would have fainted and after two minutes, there would not have been enough blood in the body to sustain life and he would have died. This is why many people assert that Bauman is actually Nick Vogt, former U.S. Army lieutenant and double amputee.

And you would never carry this type of trauma victim in a wheelchair with no pressure to the wounds and no way could he hold his leg up as he was wheeled away from the blast site. First responders would only use a stretcher for his extraction. He would have fainted and there would have been blood all over his body and those carrying him. There would have been a trail of blood. Carlos Arredondo the man with the cowboy hat hardly had any blood on his arms or sleeves and he was the one who lifted Bauman with legs bleeding on to the wheelchair.

On the ground, there was no one helping him for about two minutes yet other people seemed to be receiving medical attention but not a man with two dismembered legs. An African-American woman, who was lying next to him, with no cuts or blood, deserted him on the ground while he is rolling on his back with missing legs. A few photographs later and we see the woman in a stretcher with blood all over her face and body. REALLY?

There would be blood and flesh all over the ground after the explosion but we see none immediately after the blast. Not until about 30 seconds after the explosion do we see any sort of red blood/liquid on the ground, but still no flesh. There are people with clothing torn to shreds and with holes in them, but there are not cuts, bruises or blood on these people.

There was also a name confusion in the first two days after the blast that Nick Vogt had his legs blown off from the explosions, not Matt Bauman.

What a coincidence, the amputee is also the same man who told police the information that led to finding the suspects of the bombing. When he woke up from hospital bed, he immediately asked his brother for a pen and paper and wrote, “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me” (

Martial law and door to door searches and evacuations in Watertown, MA.

Martial law and door to door searches and evacuations in Watertown, MA.

Reason for the Explosions? Martial Law:

Other than the obvious reasons for the federal, state and city politicians to state they need more surveillance cameras (Bloomberg and CBS News). for public safety (yet no cameras in Boston saved anyone on April 15), higher security and law enforcement, including federal agents and TSA, are needed at sporting events (NBC News), and in general, less rights for the people of the United States. Mayor Bloomberg believes the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution would need to change after the Boston bombings (Politicker).

The Boston Bombings were used to acclimated the American people to martial law and for the federal government see with what it could away with in order to catch two patsy terrorists, one being unarmed. The bombings were also key in drawing attention away from the fact that a nonpartisan House Committee created to review presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama for war crimes (New York Times and PressTV).

Thousands of police including SWAT went door to door questioning residents of Boston and Watertown. With no search warrants, law enforcement and SWAT evaluated residents and homeowners at gunpoint. Boston and Watertown were closed down, no one was allowed on the streets.

Martial law and door to door searches and evacuations in Watertown, MA.

Martial law and door to door searches and evacuations in Watertown, MA.


Martial law hits Boston, MA.

Martial law hits Boston, MA.

Martial law hits Boston, MA.

Martial law hits Boston, MA.

Police questioned American citizens to show their identification in order to prove their identity that they were not one of the terrorists. Well, even if you looked nothing like one of the Tsarnaev brothers or were female. Essentially, everyone needed to show their papers as if it was Nazi Germany. Papers please!

Just like in Nazi Germany, Boston and Watertown residents were subject to proving their identification on the streets on April 19, 2013.

Just like in Nazi Germany, Boston and Watertown residents were subject to proving their identification on the streets on April 19, 2013.

These people’s rights were violated and the Constitution was suspended for these communities.

In an interview, investigator author Joel Skousen believed since the FBI already knew the identities of the two Tsarnaev brothers and were monitoring them. The authorities only needed a way to flush them out and what better way to do so than to initiate a city-wide manhunt using martial law and door to door searches as the means.

What would set off the chase on April 18? The most ambiguous part of the bombing narrative is the death of MIT police officer Sean Collier. Authorities told the public that Tamerlan shot the officer for a second gun for his younger brother to use (CBS News). How stupid!

On Friday, April 19, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis avoided clarifying the nature of the distress call that Collier responded to. This was the same police call that involved the Tsarnaev brothers. Recently, Collier began to volunteer for security at the same gym where Tamerlan boxed (NY Daily News). He was also the only police officer we know who had any connection with the Tsarnaev brothers. Could the FBI/Boston PD had orchestrated Collier’s death to tie-up loose ends to the brothers and also rally the large police force against the patsies?

Other eerie oddities and Remaining Questions:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev became U.S. citizens on 9/11/2012 (CBS News), the 11 year anniversary to 9/11/2001.

George W. Bush practically says that 9/11 and Boston Bombings were part of a larger “conspiracy”, receiving an astounded look from Laura Bush.

Illuminati Jogger playing card. One of 412 cards produced by Steven Jackson in 1995. These cards have been key in predicting major false flag attacks and world changing events over the past two decades.

Illuminati Jogger playing card. One of 412 cards produced by Steven Jackson in 1995. These cards have been key in predicting major false flag attacks and world changing events over the past two decades.

The bomb at the finish line was near 666 Boyster St.

Female roommate had a BMW with a fake license plate with Terrorista#1 on it (Daily Mail).

On March 17, Fox aired a Family Guy episode, called “Turban Cowboy”, portraying main character Peter driving over marathon runners at the Boston Marathon with blood, limbs and guts flying through the air, eerily imagery that resembles what happened on April 15. Hulu and Tivo removed the episode from their systems for viewers unable to watch it.

Can the FBI show their video evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers placed the bombs? Show the video and we can at least say they were the bombers, but this does not disregard their role as patsies in a much larger operation.

Can the FBI show any proof that they made purchases of pressure cookers, ball bearings, nails, gun powder and igniters?

Can the FBI show specific communications these brothers were planning the event? And if so, who were they communicating with?

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2 comments on “The Boston Bombings
  1. Marlena says:

    An amazing expose – thank you for the intense & immense effort you put into this. I have always been patriotic and loved this country for what great things Americans can do together – so the evidence of these fabricated events leaves me reeling! I am appalled and horrified, and honestly a little bit in denial. What may be the worst though, is to realize the MSM prevents the population from having much of a memory of these events – it keeps pushing the next crisis or scandal or celebrity poop in our faces, so there is no public discussion or demands for explanations of the disconnects, and absolutely no time for questioning. What you are doing is courageous because it is dangerous; honorable because you’re searching for the truth behind the evil mendacity of our ‘leaders’.

  2. Marlena says:

    I should read this person’s blog more often, but the most recent entry has to do with the brothers’ uncle’s father-in-law who is CIA, and thought i would share it with you:

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