Sandy Hook: The Clean Crime Scene


The scene at Sandy Hook looks like a carefully crafted emergency drill. All of the emergency vehicles were lined up perfectly for photography shots. A helicopter is used for an aerial view of police chasing another law enforcement officer (later turned out to be an off-duty SWAT officer from another district wearing camo pants and dark jacket, Newtown Bee) as if to throw people off and confuse the story with the amount of gunmen involved. Again for a night scene, there is a helicopter used for the night scene showing a cop taking a shotgun (SAIGA 12) out of the trunk of allegedly Lanza’s vehicle but there were no aerial shots of children being escorted out of the school to the fire department except for the one photo showing about a dozen children.

This is the only photograph of children escorted from Sandy Hook Elementary School. Where are the 500 other children?

There is no photography or video footage of the actual weapons used, no bullet casings on the ground, no bullet holes, no hundreds of children being escorted to the fire station, no broken door and or glass of the school, and no surveillance video of military-garbed Lanza shooting up the front of the school! In all of Newtown, there were no residents or parents who took pictures or videos of the school itself?

The media loves showing videos or imagery of blood and broken glass and shell casing but we have seen anything yet one month after the Sandy Hook incident. The scene was supposed to be so bloody but we see no images of survivors in blood, no bloody footprints from all of the children walking out of the school. There is no photography or press footage of the weapons used. In most after-crime reports, police like to show off the shooter’s personal weapons used for the crime but we see none of this. There is no evidence whatsoever. If Lanza had lived after this incident, what evidence would there be to convict him in a court of law?

There is one blown window shown to the public by the mainstream media.

There is one blown window shown to the public by the mainstream media.

In one newscast, a blown window can be found at the school. This could be caused by a canister or smoke canister used in a drill. I am not too experienced in this field so I do not know for sure.

WHERE IS THE SURVEILLANCE CAMERA FOOTAGE? The school had a new security system for their front door with video surveillance cameras and would alert the authorities of a break-in. It was a fully closed-in campus that even parents would need to show a photo ID at the front door and then be buzzed into the school after an administrator identified the person. According to the official story, Lanza shot through the glass door to get into the school. Why have we not seen any of this damage or the surveillance video of this? We have seen a lot of graphics and diagrams and aerial footage of the school, but no real photography of the damage. We saw many graphics and diagrams of Sandy Hook Elementary like we did after the Osama bin Laden raid on May 1, 2011.

Sandy Hook Security Policy

If Lanza had blown open the front entrance of the school, why did police chief “Kehoe” say the school was completely locked down and needed to break into the school? He was one of the first police officers on the scene, within minutes of a 911 call. Interview available at CBS News:

  • Kehoe: “We needed to break into the school to get in, because the back doors are secured”.
  • Reporter: “How did you get it? open?”
  • Kehoe: “Broke out the window” (shaking head, tightly pursed lips/frown).
  • Why did they not see the front door glass BLOWN OUT if Lanza shot through the door?

There is no video coverage from the Lanza house or neighborhood. Most importantly, no surveillance footage was shown to the public from the school hallways or classrooms. There is no video or photography evidence that Lanza was the shooter. NONE!

It is also odd that there are no recorded 911 calls revealed to the public. Why were there no 911 calls when Lanza supposedly shot the security door open or began shooting through the classrooms? How did the police know that the school was taken over by a shooter and arrived at the scene? If there is a 911 call to the police department, why was it not given to the media and shown to the public for disclosure?

James F. Tracy at makes a great point that there are no “routine eyewitness, photo or video evidence of the  crime scene’s aftermath—broken glass, blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes, bloodied walls and floors—all of which are common in such investigations and reportage.”

There is no photography of the almost 600 students (459 to be exact) or all of the parents that would have been needed to come to pick up the kids. There would have been over a thousand people (adults and students) easily in this one area of the fire station. But there are no photos of this. The media loves showing these images repeatedly of crime scenes but we see none of it. At least Columbine showed the children leaving the campus in escorted lines around the buildings.

A real school shooting looks like this in Atlanta. There are hundreds of parents waiting anxiously to know if their child is safe with real feelings of fright and worry in this news interview. In the interview, parents are anxious, cannot stand still and have quick speech and emotion in their voice.


Lt. Paul Vance stated that there were no survivors from the shooting. Even medical personnel and first responders found it strange that there were no wounded from the shooting, all were found dead. Medical personnel were not even allowed to go near the school and were restricted at the fire station though the police made calls for all medical personnel to arrive at the school.

There was 100 % dead of 26 people. I have never heard of a mass shooting where every person shot was pronounced dead. Even in bomb explosions and other massacres, there are usually a higher number of casualties and wounded versus those killed. This means, no victim can talk because dead bodies do not talk.

The way the vehicles were parked at the fire station, it would be absolutely impossible for cars to leave or enter the school because the road was fully blocked. The few ambulances and fire trucks that were situated at the fire station could not move because the road was blocked. This is illegal under federal law. However, with all of the vehicles crowded in looked great on camera to sell the story.

The medical personnel were directed to set up at the fire station 1/3 of a mile away from the school. Medical Responders were not allowed into the school while the police allegedly used golf carts to transport the injured and dead bodies to the responders. Why were the first responders not allowed near the school? Was it to hide evidence that even a shooting occurred.

Medical personnel told to turn away:

In an interview, nurse confirms that police called all medical personnel to school and then turned them away, including ambulances.

“For the EMS teams staged in front of Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, that moment came when the Newtown EMS captain ordered us to stand down.” Ambulance crew responded to Newtown’s best, worst moment days.

“When the call came over the radio a little later in the incident saying release the ambulances except for Newtown.”

“Mr. Folan also remembers and sends his thoughts to the dozens of hospital trauma and triage workers also stationed to receive victims who never came.’ I have never seen anything like it. You’d think it was an exercise drill,’ he said.”,+Worst+Moments+In+Recent+Days

This article like many others has been deleted out of fear that the public will research this incident and find the truth about it.

EMTs are loading up equipment on a gurney to an ambulance at 0:35 mark:

Who were the qualified medical practitioners who pronounced the victims dead? It seems as if Carver and his staff were the only medical personnel to attend the victims hours later in a postmortem that seems to have never occurred. The medical examiner seems to not have seen any of the dead children or how they were killed. He seems to wing the postmortem press conference and run out of his lines to say.

Apparently two wounded survivors that do not exist:

Natalie Hammond

Sandy Hook teacher Natalie Hammond finally identified as a victim from the incident two months later.

Carver says that there were no survivors but there were two survivors. May be. Natalie Hammond, one of them, once existed, at least on script. She was the lead teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School and supposedly shielded a student from Lanza’s shooting. President Obama mentioned her in a speech and she was to be at the State of the Union.

If this person really existed, she would be a hero! Where is the media attention about her? Vance mentions about the two wounded victims days after the shooting but never identifies them! He states that he can’t identify witnesses yet others like Sally Cox were identified!

The two victims were shot in the hand and foot and were expected to recover very quickly. Why do we not hear their side of the Sandy Hook incident? The media could get tons of coverage by revealing their stories and interviewing them. But nothing!

In this newscast and this one, almost three months after the Sandy Hook incident, we see a woman said to be Natalie Hammond with straight, brunette hair. Why did it take so long for us get a view of Hammond? What is her story? Why has she not done any interviews yet? Wher was she at the State of the Union address? Where is the media attention? Can we see her wounds?

A shot victim at Newtown is seen being place in an ambulance but this female victim has short, blond hair and not straight, brunette hair? This woman at the 1:00 mark? It looks like Janet Vollmer. Is there really an empty gurney at 4:10 mark?

Janet Vollmer

Janet Vollmer, mother of Michael Vollmer from Bloomberg LP, is seen on a gurney, not Natalie Hammond.

From Youtube, user danp5648 has been able to put together four different stories told about Natalie Hammond and how her narrative changed over time.

ABC News did a story that there is one female student survivor from one of the first graders’ classrooms we later learned was from Rousseau’s. Police declined to give such information to identify her or her picture. Yet she was not wounded or shot but covered all in blood from head to toe as a pastor said. We do not see an interview with the mother or father of the student, only an interview from a pastor. Why do we only hear second-hand information from a pastor about this story? Is she considered a survivor if she was not wounded and pretended to be dead?

The Courant did a story on Rousseau and how one of her students survived the incident. On December 31, the CT Post also did a story about the little girl who was found alive but then was later taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

The room is full of the bodies of children. But one child, a little girl, still shows signs of life.
A tall, muscular man, Chapman scoops the child into his arms and runs out to find an ambulance. He tells the little girl she is safe, that the police are there to protect her and that she is loved.”

Later in the same article:

The little girl she and her crew rushed to the hospital is pronounced dead.”

Again, no identity of who this female student was or why there is one story that she survived and another that she was killed.

What is also mysterious is that the medical examiner stated that the most important bodies would be looked at a day later on Saturday. Lt. Paul Vance said that the bodies would be moved on Sunday. However in a surprise, the authorities took the bodies in the middle of the night. The Atlantic Wire reported CNN’s Soledad O’Brien speaking to Vance that the bodies would remain where they were until Sunday.

Sandy Hook victims identified, bodies removed from school overnight

WordPress user, “More Coffee”, questions the reasoning for lying to the public and then taking the bodies at night: “Why were the bodies removed late at night? Why wasn’t there coverage of a bio-hazard cleaning crew? Why does it seem that every first responder or community member interviewed relates to third party information rather than first hand [sic] information? Why did the police investigator, Lt Vance, issue a gag-order and threaten legal action specifically to those outside the official narrative? Lastly, why did Nancy Lanza have a variety of tactical weapons especially since she is being portrayed as a socialite, and why did she make them accessible to a special needs adult? Why aren’t there updated photos of the alleged gunman and his slain mother?”

Just as oddly, the investigators have decided to not interview the children involved in the incident. “Investigators have decided not to formally interview the children, based on advice from Yale child psychologists” (Sandy Hook Shooter’s Pause May Have Aided Students’ Escape). May be because there was no school shooting and the children would tell the investigators the truth.

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6 comments on “Sandy Hook: The Clean Crime Scene
  1. Marlena says:

    my son showed me a video on-line that highlighted all these anomalies with this event but the greatest disconnect did seem to be the way the ambulances were boxed in and why we never saw any more photos than we did…this past week too, who was it that needed to see Adam Lanza’s father? The parents of Emilie Parker – again. spent all morning cleaning and wondering about Sandy Hook…how could this had been faked? simply mind boggling but your blog is appreciated for putting it into some semblance of perspective. it just could not have been done the way they say – and if that is so, how far beyond freedom have we been herded? keep asking the questions but please be careful!

  2. Bryan says:

    I agree withe you about the drill. here is a video that verifies that drill theory. It’s called “BLOCKBUSTER! BOMBSHELL Sandy Hook RESIDENT WITNESS~LIES exposed PurpleVan”

    I have some more thoughts on the subject if anyones interested. Those that think there really was a shooting on December 14 2012 could also be right. Do you remember this video The video was supposedly uploaded by Adam Lanza December 13. In that video there is a reference to the book “Lords of the 2112? and Daniel Marion Mitchel Jr is the books author or so we are lead to believe. I believe it may have been written by Adam Lanza. I did a search on google for the name Daniel Marion Mitchel and came up with this link:

    It’s a cached page about another book by Daniel Marion Mitchel named “Rape Train: How We Drove Sissy Gatlin Insane”. Both books are garbage but it might hold clue and I thought the public should be aware of it’s existence. It could just be another part of the hoax or it could be real. If it’s real, then there could have been more that one person involved in the Sandy Hook shooting. What do you think? Here’s the description from his book. Read it and decide for yourself…..

    “The words of this story, as is the case in my other stories, are intentionally directed towards a select group, a limited audience. When you read the words, you will know who you are. You will know this was writing by your programmers and stalkers. This is not about book sales, it is about creating a legacy, an urban legend. We hope to be renown as maverick criminal masterminds, the first of our kind in history. There are yet no laws against what we do. Ethically? Who cares about ethics, we fucking hate the world you have created and will do any and everything in our power to make you hurt the way we do. If you don’t like the morality of how we are provoking the mentally ill to act out, don’t blame us, blame the world in which we live. If you read this, go insane, and commit suicidal atrocities, that’s your problem. Don’t go crying to your local police department or filing with IC3. It’s all legal, so fuck off. We have a right to be angry, you have created your happiness upon the foundation of our blood and spiritual rape. You trade the souls of men and children to serve your sick homage to Satan and control over society. We will destroy you through by waging our subversive war through the very same means you have used to enslave our ancestors: Media and Mind Control techniques. Retroactive collusion created through temporal illusions: They always laugh when I tell them that the moments they think they remember from last month, were only put into their minds just yesterday. Why do you so adamantly believe that your memories are immune from being re-written by some entity much more advanced than yourself? How do you know for a certainty anything that happened 121 days ago, let alone anything that happened while you were last sleeping, is real? Who’s the mosquito whispering in your ear while you dream away your real life? Are you really awake? Knock knock. I am knocking at your door in the middle of the night. Can you hear me? I am the Rape Train coming to reprogram your subconscious mind.”

    You also really need to watch this video.

    “NLP being used on Society, please watch.”


  3. Zephyr says:

    IN a bizarre twist, Newtown police chief Michael Kehoe just stated “the shooting itself lasted an hour to two hours:

    “Wednesday, Chief Kehoe will give a special presentation to law enforcement agencies and government officials from across the state at the Police Executives Conference.

    He’s not going to focus on the gruesome details, but will tell as much as he can to keep officers in North Carolina on their A-game if a crisis arises.

    When interviewing Kehoe before the conference, he mentioned his ‘if I knew then what I know now,’ story.

    “The shooting itself lasted an hour and half to two hours,” said Kehoe. “The officers did very well during the event– but the aftermath is what we weren’t prepared for. You have the media in your community for days and weeks on end and reconnecting with you every six months. You have hundreds of emails you get from well- wishers and people who want to help. There are systems I wish we would have had in place for these elements.”

    Not insignificantly, he also said there were roughly 700 children in the school–that is significantly higher than many estimates.

    Thank you for this blog – I’d not seen it yet.

  4. Charlene says:

    There are so many anomalies with the mainstream media story on Sandy Hook that it’s mind boggling. We don’t really know what happened, who did it, what weapons were used, whether there was one shooter or multiple shooters, whether it was really Adam Lanza who did the shooting, etc., etc., etc., because we haven’t seen any evidence. The only video and photos we see are circumstantial and peripheral, and not consistent with the mainstream media story. I find it totally inconceivable that no one took cell phone pictures or videos. Without evidence, it’s hard to believe anything we’re told.

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