Sandy Hook: Terrible Actors for Media Attention

Actors posing as the Phelps parents. Richard Sexton is wearing a brand Newtown hat. Check out the interview with terrible head nodding and fake empathy. CNN Interview:

Actors posing as the Phelps parents. Richard Sexton is wearing a brand Newtown hat. Check out the interview with terrible head nodding and fake empathy. CNN Interview:


If Sandy Hook was a drill, real actors would need to be used to play the role of the parents, the children, the firefighters and first responders and may be even the police. This is not just Hollywood on the big screen, this is a real-time event that must look as real as possible for the live cameras of national and international media. I do think that most parents played themselves and the children did not die. Though there is enough photographic evidence to state that Emilie Parker never existed.

Luckily for us, we are given just enough video feed and photographic footage to distinguish this fake event from a real life incident. We see FEMA/federal operators with yellow card identification badges directing parents. Parents and children and public servants are seen casually walking around with no destination after 20 children were just murdered in 3 minutes!

All of the victims’ families are seen coming from behind the fire station. We can see Carlee Soto when she was on her cellphone, the Soto mom on her cellphone, we see the times when Jessica Reko’s parents and Noah Pozner’s parents walked out, they fake cry and then act normal immediately after. There is a man in a blue jacket. We can see half of the parents and families in this video, pretending to breakdown and cry at the same place but no person stops to look, they just keep minding their business and walk casually around them. All of the parents walk from around the Fire Station. An operator with a yellow ID badge is always around them, telling them what to do next. Others have noticed that only those parents involved are wearing tube jackets while those other parents with a child walking away are wearing casually clothing (it was warm on the day of the shooting). Sandy Hook Newtown Actors Watch 3:20 Onwards

People Going in Circles at Fire Station:

Max Malone And The Old Marine Talk About The Sandy Hoax Actors Circles

Possible Wardrobe changes and funneling of people through Firehouse:

Walker Caught Changing Wardrobe at Sandy Hook Firehouse! (Walking in Circles)

Carlee staging area

Carlee Soto seen in the staging area behind the Firehouse while the McDonnell’s are seen acting.

In the footage seen from the ground in front of the fire station (not the school), nothing is coordinated. Firefighters are seen walking around aimlessly and not doing anything. In some videos, they are seen in groups talking casually and joking around. Also, why are all of the firefighters wearing fire gear complete with a hard hat when it was a shooter and no fire anywhere?

In many of the news reports, militarized police are seen walking around in circles holding weapons the wrong way. Do real police carry their sidearm like this?

In this video we see a man at the Sandy Hook Firehouse covering his mouth while he was on the phone.

Video from the police helicopter only captures the Sandy Hook scene after the police arrived at the school. The police are only seen running once (following a tactical-dressed man off-duty officer into the woods). They are continually seen casually walking or standing around. There are no SWAT vehicles, police cars, ambulances or fire trucks at the school. There are only a few blocked ambulances at the fire station, which is illegal because the first responders would not be able to leave.

Parents casually walking around with stroller like a stroll in the park (0:15 mark). At the 3:30 mark, the reporters state the Lanza home was down the street, but it was actually about 5 miles away. Why are all of the firefighters wearing fire gear complete with a hard hat when it was a shooter and no fire anywhere?

As stated previously, the crime scene is clean, the ambulances and fire trucks are blocked, no real medical personnel were allowed near the school, the bodies were removed during the night under the cover of darkness. There are no visual images of a large evacuation of children and families like seen in Atlanta’s shooting on January 31, 2013. Last but certainly not least, there are no parents or children traumatized or in shock, there aren’t any children crying or red in the face immediately after the event. Parents are more than happy to let their children be interviewed on national television following an event where their child was in danger to be killed as if it was casual Friday.

In all of the child interviews, a pattern emerges. We only see a few children of the 500 or so total students of the school. They seem happy and not distressed about the shooting. The children follow the same lines of a script about hearing a few bangs and then the police arriving to escort them out of the school. One child states it was like person banging a door. We do not hear about the hundreds of bullets and chaos the media told us about. We do not hear about the blood and screaming, loud noises or crying.

In all of the parents of a victim interviews, a pattern emerges. There is not one parent crying or tearing out of the dozen or so parents that did accept national interviews. They seem very happy and relaxed with happy smiles two days after the event. But the script is all the same. There is a little talk in the beginning of the interview about the son/daughter. Then the conversation moves on to what the son/daughter liked to do. And then about the last half of the interviews are about the parents feeling good that their son/daughter died with their friends and at their school. They say how they are okay that their young son/daughter was killed and not angry. The parents feel sorry for Adam Lanza and what he had to live through and how they feel sorry for the other victims’ families. Finally, the interviews end on what could have prevented the massacre like gun control. More than anything, the parents act like they are pretending to be someone they really are not.

Some of the parents and witnesses were pulling off dozens of national interviews after the incident. Why?

Satisfaction expressions of Dylan Hockley’s parents:

Sand Hook – Dawn Hochsprung’s Husband’s Big Goof. He mentions “driver” at the 3:28 mark and then corrects himself to use “gunman”. Through the video we see the daughters with nice smiles on their face like at the 0:51 mark.

Sandy Hook staff member Shari Burton gives two different stories in her interviews. One of the stories is similar to Kaitlin Roig’s story.

  • 3:59 mark = In her interview with Glenn Beck, someone is heard whispering, “Yes”, when she was talking about the terrible things in the world and how something so awful could happen at an elementary school.
  • 4:00 mark = Burton has a Freudian slip, said “military” in the place of “elementary”.
  • 9:00 mark = Burton’s story sounds similar to the Kaitlin Roig’s school story of someone trying to open the door, and she found out it was the police. In another interview, she said it was Rick, the janitor, who was checking the doors.
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