Sandy Hook: Illuminati Pre-Scripted Analomies and Dark Knight Rises


Sandy Hook VIMEO video uploaded on Nov. 10, 2012:

Sandy Hook Tribute - Vimeo

Why was this Sandy Hook Tribute posted on Vimeo one month before the incident occurred? The video is now set to private and cannot be viewed. What does the user have to hide?

All of the children and staff who were produced dead are in this video that was uploaded on VIMEO on November 10, 2012, a month before the Sandy Hook shooting.

On December 10, 2012, CNN posted a Newtown Tribute article.

United Way of Western Connecticut uploaded a fundraising website for families of Sandy Hook days in advance of the shooting. A Google cache of the webpage states December 11, 2012.

United Way of Western Connecticut uploaded a fundraising website for families of Sandy Hook days in advance of the shooting. A Google cache of the webpage states December 11, 2012.

Timeline CNN December 10

Sandy Hook fundraising relief page created 3 days before shooting, Google search results confirm

In Arlington, Ohio, the Arlington school district put out a webpage on December 10, 2012 about children seeking help in dealing with the trauma to the Sandy Hook incident. Now the webpage, states an ERROR 404 – document not found. But we are lucky enough to have a screenshot of the article and date of creation.

The Arlington school district in Ohio uploaded a web page for children dealing with the aftermath of the Sandy Hook incident days before the event occurred.

The Arlington school district in Ohio uploaded a web page for children dealing with the aftermath of the Sandy Hook incident days before the event occurred.

Lily Gaubert's image is used in place of Allison Wyatt's photo.

Lily Gaubert’s image is used in place of Allison Wyatt’s photo.

Cathy Gaubert, an unrelated person of Sandy Hook, had to announce to mainstream media and social media sites to stop using her daughter’s likeness as a victim from the Sandy Hook incident. Her daughter Lily Gaubert’s pictures were stolen from the mother’s Flickr page and used as Sandy Hook victim’s Allison Wyatt’s images. What is strange is that family members (even the mother and father) of Allison Wyatt did not speak out that her photo was wrong, yet it was Gaubert who spoke out!!! Monroe News

Cathy Gaubert speaks out

Cathy Gaubert had to speak out that her daughter’s likeness was used for Sandy Hook victim. Why did not the victim’s parents speak out that it was not their daughter’s image?

Lily Gaubert's image is used in place of Allison Wyatt's photo.Lily Gaubert’s image is used in place of Allison Wyatt’s photo.

There are only a few photos circulating of the children killed and the parents of the victims hold these same pictures in frames at the memorials and funerals and for national interviews on camera. After the 9/11 event in 2001, many of the alleged parents of the victims did the same thing by holding a frame of the only portrait of the victim released to the public as they did press conferences and interviews. Though I believe that people did die in 9/11, I believe the federal government used actors to impersonate reliable witnesses and manipulate the narrative of the incident for the government’s own agenda.

Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag-Bad Actors Used to Take Away the Second Amendment

Sandy Hook Mass Media Psyop: Outtakes and Bloopers

Scripted scene with teleprompter and smiles of the Richman’s and blurred photos of daughter by Katie Couric for gun control.

Why are people laughing in Newtown?

James F. Tracy’s article:


The Illuminati globalists always use a predictive programming and use symbolism to before their events (including false flags) take place. This is their way to say, we are the ones who did this and brand it as their work. These marks can be seen in tens of movies over the past 20 years showing that a 9-11 event had been planned. You can watch videos on YouTube about how 9/11 was portrayed in movies for years before the event took place.

The same idea occurs in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Before the movie premiered, the James Bond movie Skyfall showed a building named, “AURORA”, the same name that the Aurora, CO shooting took place the day the movie came out in theaters. The most condemning evidence is that the movie shows Police Chief Gordon pointing at a town on a map named, “SANDY HOOK”. He then says, “Get a GPS on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down.”

Before it was called Sandy Hook on Harvey’s map, the movie had actually named the location, South Hinkley. Why was it changed before the movie was released to theaters?The_Dark_Knight_Rises___Sandy_Hook_1

Video of movie clip showing Sandy Hook in the Dark Knight Rises

There are also still images of the Sandy Hook name from the movie here.


Sandy Hook – Batman Map Comparisons-Google Earth:

The night The Dark Knight Rises premiered in theaters, the Aurora, CO theater shooting occurred during the movie.  Before the shooting, the movie had previewed a trailer for “Gangsta” which showed a theater being shot up by four mafia members. Yes, this was not a coincidence. Also, a few days before the movie was out in theater, a Lil Wayne music video, “My Homies Still”, showed 23 skeletons dancing in a movie theater. Again, no coincidence. After the Aurora shooting, witnesses stated they saw two gunmen. Also, James Holmes probably never shot a gun before in his life. You cannot shoot from the hip and expect to hit a target, especially in darkness and especially over 70 people who were struck. What is also suspicious about the shooting is that two face masks were found at the scene and who can open up the Exit doors from the outside at a theater? Holmes looks drugged out of his mind on pharmaceutical drugs and his psychologist is a top ex-Air Force psychiatrist.

Anyone heard of MK-ULTRA? If not, look it up. Both the CIA and KGB mastered techniques to program assassins through torture, drugs, hypnosis, brainwashing and psychological conditioning. The drug LSD was created during the CIA program. Robert Ludlum wrote the Bourne Identity books from knowing about MK-ULTRA. Even Orwell’s 1984 displays some of the program’s brutal techniques on its operatives.

More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences

On July 20, 2012, the same day the Aurora shooting occurred, a random review for Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre was posted online though the movie was published in 2000. The movie starred Debbie Rochon, which looks like the mother of one of the Sandy Hook students, Ella Seaver, as seen in this interview with ABC News Chris Cuomo. A review of the movie is very “cryptic”:

A random review for Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre was released the night of the Aurora, CO shooting, July 20, 2012.

A random review for Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre was released the night of the Aurora, CO shooting, July 20, 2012.

“So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…”

A random review for Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre was released the night of the Aurora, CO shooting, July 20, 2012.

A random review for Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre was released the night of the Aurora, CO shooting, July 20, 2012.

Can the Sandy Hook incident become even clearer that it was planned years in advance by the few in power over governments and money?

Dream House predictive programming

The 2011 movie Dream House that took place in Sandy Hook, CT about 1/2 mile from the school used predictive programming to help set up the Sandy Hook incident.


The 2011 movie Dream House, featuring Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts, featured Sandy Hook, CT as its main focus. The movie is about a father and his family relocating from Manhattan to Sandy Hook but “as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was once the murder scene of a mother and her children” ( Normally when people watch movies, they identify and connect with the characters of the movie emotionally and mentally. Those who watch the Sandy Hook incident on television and read about it, subconsciously recognize that this event must be true and children were actually murdered. It is pure psychology and behavioral conditioning.

The girl who died at the Gifford shooting was born on 9/11/2001. Another symbolized calling card. All events most be connected and linked back to a secretive globalist plan.

The address on the business card show the where the house is located where the children were murdered.  From the movie, the address is 1103 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT (but does not exist). If the address did exist, it would be about 300m from Sandy Hook Elementary.

1103 is 11 * 3 = 33 master number in masonry.

Soto and the Beast

The news media loved showing images of the Sandy Hook families with the beast sign. Victoria Soto and her possessed uncle.

Victoria’s Secret:

The R.I.P. Victoria Soto Facebook page was created on December 10 but the shooting took place on December 14. The page now says that it was created on December 15, 2012. Why did they change it? Also, why is there a script injector that triggers and lags the Facebook page once loaded? Many people have commented that anyone can change the title of the page after an account has been created, still, it would be weird that Soto would create a page or someone else on December 10 and then change the title for “R.I.P. Victoria Soto”.

Another anomaly is that Victoria Soto, one of the teachers killed at the school, appears to have had an “in memoriam” Facebook page created in her name four days before the shooting.

Not one individual cries for Vicki Soto except her younger sister days after the shooting. Why did not even her parents shed a tear?

Sotos’ NBC family interviews starting at 3:33 mark.

Anderson Cooper interviews the Soto family. Mom trying to think of the lines, looks away from Cooper. Said many years at the classroom yet she was an intern the year 2010-2011. No one is seen crying, a few days after she was killed. Brother is wearing Soto school badge at the CNN interview (3:40 mark), same picture of Soto that is splashed everywhere. School badges require a headshot with a white background.

The news stated that Victoria Soto had worked at Sandy Hook Elementary School for five years as teacher when in fact she began working there as an intern during the 2010-2011 school year.

Victoria Soto was an intern at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2010-2011 and did not start working as a teacher five years ago.

Victoria Soto was an intern at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2010-2011 and did not start working as a teacher five years ago.

There are a number of discrepancies and anomalies in Victoria Soto’s photographs.

Fake Victoria Soto Photos in Detail

Victoria Soto digital manipulation

There are several discrepancies and manipulations to the photograph of Soto sitting on a rock next to a lake.

Victoria Soto ID Badge

Same picture used as Soto’s teacher ID badge for the school. Aren’t headshots supposed to be with a white hi-key background?

Actually looked like after Soto funeral

What the scene actually looked like with Carlee Soto walking out of the church after the Soto funeral.

Soto funeral composite image

Funeral photograph of Soto family is a composite image done in Photoshop. News media added Julian, father and son Soto to the image, including the young man and state trooper behind Carlee Soto.

For Money: 

Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page was created before they knew that Emilie was dead.

who thinks of creating an account fund the same day as the shooting? A bank account quickly was linked up in the time of the shooting.

“Alan Prothero and I have set up an account at America First Credit Union to help Robbie Parker and his family with their immediate needs due to their loss of their beautiful girl in the shooting this morning in Conn. You can put funds in the account or give them directly to me or Alan. Please contribute what you can and spread the word: Emilie Parker Memorial Account at America First Credit Union. Account #9056862.”

… and the SEVERAL posts later…

“We’ve had an update. The school is still on lock down, I assume pending investigations. Robbie and Alissa have very limited information. They haven’t been able to see Emilie, and they do not know if she is still in the school or if she was one of the ones rushed to the hospital. We apologize for the misinformation that we gave you earlier. But we know still that sweet Emilie was a victim. We just don’t know any detail about what exactly happened to her.”

Emily Parker Facebook Fund SCAM (5 hours after shooting)

SANDY HOOK “BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!!” = Sandy Hook is also about soliciting money. Google found a cache of a webpage from the United Way of Western Connecticut from Dec. 11, 2012 asking for money.

In this video at the 6:40 mark, we see a photograph taken from the Obama photo shoot with the Parker family (two days after the incident), the Emilie Parker character is overlaid perfectly with the portrait of the family.

Google Search cache for United Way of Western Connecticut was dated on December 11, 2012. Now the shooting occurred on December 14, 2012. A cache date means the last time Google updated its search results for the United Way page.

The Owl Painting: 

Owl to Obama

Grace McDonnell’s owl given to President Obama for his remembrance of the Sandy Hook incident.

Starting at about 1:55 mark of this video, we see two very happy parents of Grace McDonnell (Lynn and Chris) talking about their daughter. The parents do not seem real. Two days after their daughter was killed in one of the worst school shooting massacres, the parents have perfect smiles, perfect hair and perfect white eyes. Not one tear shed, no breaking of the voice. It was as if Grace had died years ago or never died at all.

More odd, is that at the 5:25 mark of the video, CNN shows a painting of an owl that allegedly Grace had made. The paintings shown are very well colored that you would expect to see from a children’s book, not made by a first grader. I have never known a young child to ever draw or paint an owl before. The owl is a very silent and mysterious bird and usually eludes people’s minds.

But two days after the shooting, CNN had already made lithographs of Grace’s paintings and both CNN’s Anderson Cooper and President Obama asked for a copy of the owl. The owl has many occult meanings, not just a figure for wisdom or knowledge, but for transformation and mysticism. The owl is sometimes represented as the Babylonian god, Moloch and was greatly worshipped in the Babylonian and Assyrian empires. Today, the owl is worshipped by international and American politicians and corporate CEOs at Bohemian Grove near San Francisco. Many former US presidents are known Masons and have taken part in many occult rituals. For Obama to accept the owl is an understatement, it is his way to publicly accept his role in the Illuminati satanic circle and show his side in the Sandy Hook incident.

For the Parents, Gun Control is the Agenda, Not their Child: 

The mother and uncle of Noah Pozner never cry for him as they are interviewed by CNN and other news agencies even just a few days after the event. More than anything, the mother of Noah Pozner only talks about gun control!

The CT Post reports that Pozner’s mother, Veronique, is one of the parents to get heavily involved in the politicized gun control debate.

The Pozner mother also got a tattoo near her wrist in remembrance of her son 24 hours after the shooting incident. This is odd because she is Jewish, and according to the Jewish religion, it is wrong to have marks or tattoos on the body.

By her “own, original thought”, Natalie Barden sister to victim Daniel Barden wrote a letter to Obama saying that guns should be used for sport and should only be used by the police and military and if for sport, guns need to stay at a shooting range. This same letter was given to CNN’s Anderson Cooper to read live on air. It is such an oddity that such a little girl knew what gun control was and the letter was written a week before?

When the family was interviewed by CNN/MSNBC, not once did they shed a tear for their daughter or speak about her, only politicized their daughter’s death for gun control.

The McDonnell parents have also come forward in the name of gun control.

Sandy Hook Hair Salon

Sandy Hook Hair Salon uses a red, bloody hand for its logo.

Sandy Hook got a “new town” of Newtown, CT around 2010.

In 2010, a new hair salon was leased where an older hairstylist was kicked out unexpectedly from their storefront by the owner even when a new contract was being considered. An article was written about this in the Stamford Advocate. The barber shop that came into town was named, “Shh…co.” The hair salon’s symbol is a red, bloody handprint with white heart in its center. Handprints are universal symbols for kids and children. It is very odd that a hair salon wants to be known as Shh…co. as if to say, “Shh…be quiet. Keep silent about what you know.”

The heart in hand is a masonic symbol and symbolizes human sacrifice and even the cutting out the victims’ hearts.

Sandy Hook Hair Salon

Shh…we have pledged to keep quiet about the Sandy Hook incident…

There was an ongoing beautification project in Sandy Hook starting in at least 2005 by LRM Landscapes. The Newtown Bee mentioned that it was unclear if the lampposts would even be illuminated, meaning have lights! The Newtown Bee actually later deleted this article but you see the article in this video. The Newtown Patch also showed great interest in the $1.7 million beautification progress of Sandy Hook streets, lighting, extending the sidewalks and other pedestrian walkways in 2010 for the 2,000 person population. This is the Truman Show in reality!

Several of the victims’ families moved to the Newtown area between 2010 and 2012. Many homes in the town have closing dates of 12/25/2009 (same day as the Nigerian Christmas bomber).

  • The Parker family just moved to Sandy Hook eight months before the incident.
  • Lauren Rosseau took her job at Sandy Hook only a few weeks before the shooting.
  • Noah Pozner moved to Newtown a few months before shooting.
  • Rachel D’Avino was hired weeks before shooting and started two days before December 14.
  • Ana Marquez-Green moved to Newtown two months before shooting.
  • Charlotte Bacon moved to Newtown from Chicago a few years before shooting.
  • Dawn Hochsprung hired as principal for Sandy Hook in 2010. Husband George taught Rousseau when in middle school.
  • Dylan Hockley moved to Newtown from U.K. two years before shooting.
  • Aveille Richman moved to Newtown in 2011.
  • Catherine V. Hubbard moved in 2012.
  • Benjamin Wheeler moved to Sandy Hook in April 2011.
  • Mary Sherlach’s last year to work at Sandy Hook.
  • Jessica Rekos moved in 2010.

Church of Satan, Newtown: map-sandy-hook-mason-lodge-firehouse-rosen

Though Newtown has only a population of about 2,000 people, the Church of Satan has made Newtown one of its headquarters. The first headquarters is located in San Francisco. Research has found that the Church of Satan also has a P.O. Box and headquarters in Newtown. While I cannot find concrete evidence that Newtown is an official site, which I am not surprised because the religion of Satanism is a shadow and not talked publicly, others do find hints of the occult in Newtown:

Curtis M. LeBlanc []

PO Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470

Newtown has Reputation as Satanist Hub

One of the oldest Masonic temples reside in Sandy Hook since the beginning of the foundation of the country. Called the Hiram No. 18 Sandy Hook, the Hiram Lodge was chartered on January 14, 1791. Like all secrecy surrounding the Mason religion, not much information is given about the duties and rituals or beliefs the Sandy Hook lodge is active in. But one of the oldest lodges in America, I’m sure it has something to do with the Church of Satan and the Sandy Hook incident.

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