Sandy Hook: After-Incident Interviews


In video footage, sporadic groups of wandering parents and children are seen walking casually, some of whom are curious and far from traumatized or the grief-stricken or hysterical attitude you would expect from the parents and children that were just involved in one of America’s worst school shootings. There seems to be just actors walking around a movie set.

After the shooting, CBS and other news agencies interview children and parents. Other children are interviewed twice and parents are just casually waiting around without emotion as their children are interviewed. Parents do not look uneasy and are not rushing away. For example. Tracy notes, “The frequent hesitancy with specific words in this [sic] children’s [sic] deliveries, combined with a parent allowing their child repeatedly recount such an event and the unemotional, almost identically-worded delivery, suggests how they have been coached to present memorized lines.”

In this video, we see people walking around causally. No one is shocked by a school shooting. Parents do not mind the risk and no one is watching the incident. Reporter states police vehicles were left at neighbor’s house. Was it Gene Rosen’s house? Because that was where Rodia’s vehicle seems to have been stashed.

In many of the witness interviews, none state hearing hundreds of rounds of gunfire. The adults and the children say they heard a few bangs and like someone kicking the doors and the janitor knocking something down. Let’s Ask the AR-15 What Happened-Sandy Hoax!

Parents smiling and waiting in line to be interviewed at Sandy Hooks school shooting

This father and son do not seem frightened at all while his son just experienced a murdering scene. The son is smiling on a camera and the father talks slowing, thinking of which words to use. This interview is definitely not representative of the parents who spoke rapidly after the Atlanta school shooting.

girl-survivor-shooting-alexis-waiskHappy Alexis Wasik, apparently she did not hear any gunshots. She heard an ambulance and a police officer. She is smiling and looks pretty happy, not traumatized or red in the face.

Also, if there was a real shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, why were parents told, “If you haven’t been re-united with your child by now, it’s already over” at 22:45 (17:45) The Telegraph. Why were parents told this if this was a shooting? It sounds more like drill or exercise or staged event.

Sandy Hook School Massacre Part II: Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Realities:

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