Hurricane Sandy was a Forewarning, Sandy Hook was a Drill

Hurricane Sandy was a Forewarning, Sandy Hook was a Drill:

In the later months of 2012 in October, Hurricane Sandy approached the northeastern seaboard. Though downgraded in its strength ranking, the storm pounded New England and devastated thousands of residents in New York, Staten Island and New Jersey. The New England residents were stranded and relied on their community for support as the government, both federal and state, left thousands homeless, cold and wet as many homes were destroyed and swept away by huge ocean swells and leaving them with no electricity for weeks.

Hurricane Sandy was a forewarning for the evil events that would occur at Sandy Hook, CT on December 12, 2012.


Port-o-potties were already set up for the Sandy Hook incident even before the school day started on December 14.

On the surface, the authorities and the mainstream media portray the Sandy Hook incident on December 14, 2012 as the worst massacre in American history by a lone gunman, a 115-pound Asperger’s kid who carried four handguns and a rifle, 200+ rounds of ammunition, SWAT body armor and a black mask, taking a vengeance from his dark and lonely lifestyle on defenseless first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary. He was able to kill 26 adults and children with no survivors and with accuracy as that of a special operations military soldier. According to the official story, he knew how to reload his weapon at least six times in a period of a few minutes.

This narrative has been played out for the past 15 years for mass shootings and bombings in American history. The story goes…a lone gunman on psychotic drugs, a loner with no friends and is addicted to violent video games and hates life.

But this pattern is being long-winded; everyone has heard it all before—beware of the quiet ones. The media, authorities and politicians can say anything and draw the story out, and we are supposed to believe everything that is told to us. However we are the audience. We are the evaluators and analyzers of what is presented to us. Our job is to question and not take everything as point blank truth. How can we believe the politician as if they were the truth seekers that were appointed righteously to rule us?

During the aftermath and wake of the Sandy Hook incident, the media went hyena, supping the solution as gun control. Guns are evil and guns need to be destroyed. The media dropped the entire Sandy Hook shooting incident; it was no longer in the news five days after the incident. It was about gun control officially. They made it as sensational and evoking as many emotions as possible. They splashed that black and white grainy photo of Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter, on every front page rather than better portraits of the young man, and using red, bold key words like “evil killer” and “bloody massacre” in the headlines and pictures of grieving and public support for Newtown. But the entire sensational subject was suddenly dropped like a rock without attachments.

Post-its from Sandy Hook memorial

Post-its from Sandy Hook memorial are with the same handwriting, Sharpie pen, and with repetitive phrases.

The media went for gun control as the solution and subject to pounce on although there are thousands of laws on the books for owning guns. Or the fact the framers of the US Constitution, the foundation of the United States and reason why this country is still sovereign under its own rights by God, that the 2nd Amendment shall never be infringed.

There was never once a debate about psychological drugs or the huge pharmaceutical companies. A child with Asperger’s Syndrome with personality imbalances will most likely be on psychological drugs. Why does the media and government protect the medical drug companies?

There were no tough questions to authorities why they kept changing the story on the incident. The media protected the authorities saying it was their fault that there was misinformation about the incident—because news and social media are too fast now and facts cannot be checked within the timely matter. However, in all of the reports, the facts and statements sourced came from unidentified law enforcement officers and authorities. So the media really did not get the information wrong. How could the police get the information wrong when they were the ones telling the story?

But there should be no slack cut for the media. In their reporting, the media never tried to get video or photography coverage of the halls of the school and no surveillance camera footage. We did not see any images of the shooter in the school like at Columbine High School. There were no tough questions to the police about why a drug dealer’s vehicle was at the crime scene or why it was said to be Lanza’s car when the plates were registered to Christopher A. Rodia from Florida. There was no follow-up reporting about why witnesses reported 2-4 gunmen the day of the shooting but the authorities the next day pronounced only one gunman.

Sandy Hook Firehouse

Do you see 500 children in the Sandy Hook Firehouse?

In this day and age, it is very easy for the media to manipulate a story or emergency situation. We see it in our movies and t.v. shows. Change the camera angles, don’t show that perspective, say this, don’t say that, skip that information, they don’t need to know about that. When we read the newspaper, we have our trust in what we read as if this was actually what happened and journalists are doing their job asking those tough questions. But in the past decade, the government is more and more telling reporters what to say, giving out press releases with the facts and information to use, and portraying lies and half-truths as real truths and reality. In today’s status quo, if a journalist or reporter tries to question authority and what the government says, they will be fired from their job. This is why there are so many independent journalists today. They want to tell the truth and question known liars and corrupt politicians, the job of the reporter!

Investigating the Sandy Hook Narrative and Asking the Hard Questions

Journalist Joel Skousen: a deeper look into Sandy Hook School Shooting

Why People Think Sandy Hook is a Hoax

And if guns were so bad, in the heat of the gun control debate, why did the media rarely cover the high school shooting on Thursday, January 10? There was a high school shooting at Taft Union High School in Kern County, yet where is all of the media attention? The shooting only received local attention when a student used a 12-guage shotgun on a classmate and teacher.  Student, teacher shot at Taft High School

Only those events staged by the government (false-flag attacks) receive the most media attention and hype. The event in Kern County was only received by local news even though a student shot a student and teacher with a shotgun. To my knowledge, no national news organization picked it up in the middle of gun control debates!

Sandy Hook 3rd grader admits incident was a drill on Dr. Oz show.

Sandy Hook 3rd grader admits incident was a drill on Dr. Oz show.


3rd Grade Sandy Hook Student Admits DRILL!

My hypothesis, like many others, is that the government, the state troopers and Newtown Police Department and the media are not telling the truth nor did they try to. The incident at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14 was not a massacre by a lone gunman but a FEMA and State Exercise drill at the Elementary School. The incident was a staged false-flag ran by Homeland Security and ordered by the US Federal Government.

An event like Sandy Hook would be called a FSE (Full Scale Emergency) drill with the coordination by Homeland Security and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). FEMA runs shooter drills and evacuation training at schools in select towns and schools. They are called HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program).

Everyone Must Check-In

During a t.v. Interview, Gene Rosen is standing in front of a sign for all the actors to sign in at the Sandy Hook Firehouse. If it was not a drill, wouldn’t it say, “Parents please check-in first”?

Within FSE drills, FEMA will use trained actors and volunteers from the local population to simulate a real-world situation for trained military personnel, police officers and first responders to practice their training. The exercise needs to be as close to reality as possible. Seconds count in timely emergencies when minutes kill.

Training exercises and drills will simulate terrorist events, bombings, shot down airlines, mass shootings in malls and schools, and nuclear, chemical and biological attacks. The trained actors and volunteers will pretend to be police, medical personnel, firefighters, construction workers, the hurt, injured, hostages or victims, and maybe even the terrorists and attackers in these events.

An acting group called, Crisis Actors, is used in association with FEMA and must be qualified under FEMA requirements as stated on their website, The group’s moto is, “Trained Players and Actors Making It Real”. These are the exact type of groups of actors that FEMA employs for their drills and exercises.

Oddly enough, FEMA ran a course for protecting children in emergencies at Bridgeport, CT only 20 miles from Newtown and during the same hours as the Sandy Hook incident (9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST). The drill was called, “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disaster”. The course’s emphasis was to enable participants improve and prepare their community’s responses to emergencies and help provide assurance and protection to children crises.

FEMA drill-Sandy Hook 12-14

The Sandy Hook Fire Station and possible school had a HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) exercise on September 22, 2010.

Sandy Hook Massacre Linked to DHS Exercise

This is actually an eerie coincidence that there was a training exercise for FEMA the same day and time in Bridgeport as a shooting 20 miles away. There seems to be a pattern of this occurring continually in mass shootings and bombings. In Aurora, CO, the same day James Holmes had allegedly shot up the Aurora movie theater, a medical school 16 miles away practice emergency and disaster drills, including how to respond if a shooter attacks a movie theater with guns and bombs. Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school

In nearby Putnam County, CT, an Emergency Response Team (ERT) was already assembled for regular training in Carmel and was engaged that very moment in a mock drill of an active-shooter at a school as the Sandy Hook incident. Southeast-BresterPatch

In London on 7/7/2005, there was also a training exercise about terrorists bombing the Tube stations. However, this actually occurred during when the drills were taking place. The drills were the same as the bombings and the same metro trains were targeted! On 9/11/2001, FEMA also set up on New York Harbor a day before the attack on the World Trade Center. The Pentagon was also running the same drills with the military that airliners had crashed into the WTC and had called NOMAD down so the Air Force response was slow to the attacks during the same time as the real planes crashed into the towers!

At the 3:10 mark of this video, when the police are checking the shed, the police were not speaking English, it sounds like Russian or Hebrew. FEMA drills will also incorporate different international military teams and police officers.

Lt. Paul Vance had staged several other active-shooter drills at schools previously in years past. He has much experience doing drills and operating them. Sandy Hook Elementary school just had a school emergency drill in October 2012.

The school was a perfect place to center a false-flag staged event—it is isolated, no streets or houses around it, only trees and fields. The town is small with a population of about 2,000 people with a lot of sparse land and forests between neighbors. The school was very isolated, surrounded by hills and forests. The closest neighbor, Gene Rosen, lived a mile away. This means the local population would not be able to easily record the events at the school and the news media was restricted at the fire station, a 1/3 mile away from the school. No one would be able to take pictures or video record any of the activity at the school.

It is also weird that not one family or any Sandy Hook Elementary parents have come forward with a lawsuit against the school district or state of CT for the lack of security or that the $500,000 newly installed security at the school failed to protect the children.

This means the school would be fully secured and the government and law enforcement could keep the public and media from seeing what was happening. We would be at the mercy of the police and media, our only option to believe what they would tell us.

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