The Boston Bombings

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev photographed at the Boston Marathon before the explosions on April 14, 2013.

On April 15, 2013, two small explosions were set off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. The day was Tax Day and also Patriots Day. On April 18, the FBI stated they had surveillance video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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Sandy Hook: Pot Holes in the Story, Multiple Gunmen and the Motives

Nuns at Sandy Hook incident

POT HOLES IN THE STORY: As the official story developed at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012, news reports from mainstream media including CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The Newtown Bee and other online newspapers continued to change or redact

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Sandy Hook: Illuminati Pre-Scripted Analomies and Dark Knight Rises


ILLUMINATI PRE-SCRIPTED ANALOMIES: Sandy Hook VIMEO video uploaded on Nov. 10, 2012: All of the children and staff who were produced dead are in this video that was uploaded on VIMEO on November 10, 2012, a month before the Sandy

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Sandy Hook: Rosen and the Parker

Gene Rosen shows his grandson's toys he allegedly allowed Sandy Hook children to play with for 30 minutes before knowing there was a "shooting" at the school.

The Famous Rosen: GENE ROSEN: owner of a pet sitting service of Newtown, CT (blatantly contradicting the media’s impression that he was a retired psychologist). He had some experience as a theatrical actor and director of the local cable television

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Sandy Hook: Terrible Actors for Media Attention

Robbie Parker smiles and laughs before giving a sad speech on national television about Emilie without tears, hours after she was murdered.

SOME TERRIBLE ACTORS RECEIVING MEDIA ATTENTION: If Sandy Hook was a drill, real actors would need to be used to play the role of the parents, the children, the firefighters and first responders and may be even the police. This

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Sandy Hook: The Medical Examiner’s Postmortem

Wayne H. Carver during the Sandy Hook postmortem on December 15, 2012.

THE MEDICAL EXAMINER’S POSTMORTEM: I also did a brief synopsis of the postmortem report with the Medical Examiner Wayne H. Carver (not the chief medical examiner) from December 15. His personality is probably naturally awkward however his discernment and attention

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Sandy Hook: After-Incident Interviews

Alexis Waisk

AFTER INCIDENT INTERVIEWS: In video footage, sporadic groups of wandering parents and children are seen walking casually, some of whom are curious and far from traumatized or the grief-stricken or hysterical attitude you would expect from the parents and children

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Sandy Hook: Few Records of Lanza

Tech Club

FEW RECORDS OF ADAM LANZA, BUT HE DIED DECEMBER 13: Adam was very shy. He did not have a Facebook page and no electronic footprints on the Internet. Police and FBI said he destroyed his computer hard drives beyond repair

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Sandy Hook: The Clean Crime Scene

Sandy Hook children escorted

THE CLEAN CRIME SCENE: The scene at Sandy Hook looks like a carefully crafted emergency drill. All of the emergency vehicles were lined up perfectly for photography shots. A helicopter is used for an aerial view of police chasing another

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Hurricane Sandy was a Forewarning, Sandy Hook was a Drill

CT State Trooper

Hurricane Sandy was a Forewarning, Sandy Hook was a Drill: In the later months of 2012 in October, Hurricane Sandy approached the northeastern seaboard. Though downgraded in its strength ranking, the storm pounded New England and devastated thousands of residents

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